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Blog entries posted during June 2014

Thais: Tech Behind-the-Scenes

If you look closely at the Eros statuettes in Act 2 of Thais you will notice that there are actually two different Eros statuettes. One beautiful shiny Eros sits on a pedestal in the gold room in Scene 1 and the other tarnished and worn-looking Eros (a breakaway prop) gets thrown to the ground in Scene 2.

The breakaway Eros arrived with the set. The gold room Eros is an interpretative sculpture inspired by Hypnos the god of sleep and created by our Resident Lead Scenic Artist Tony Reveles. The statuettes have different appearances to signify the passage of time and the distinctly different emotions and actions of the two scenes. 

Thais Eros sculpture LA Opera Tony Reveles

Using the original Eros statuette as a guide, Tony begins by researching images and then sculpting the head from modeling clay to get a feel for the figure’s dimensions. 

Thais Eros sculpture LA Opera Tony Reveles

Detail of the finished clay model

Thais Eros sculpture LA Opera Tony Reveles

In the next step Tony takes the dimensions from the clay sculpture and free-form draws the figure onto the foam block. 

Thais Eros sculpture LA Opera Tony Reveles

He carves away at the block carefully using precise dimensions from his primary sculpt. 

Thais Eros sculpture LA Opera Tony Reveles

Tony uses precision tools to further detail his final interpretation of the sculpture.  Note the original breakaway Eros head on the right.

Thais Eros sculpture LA Opera Tony Reveles

A coating of acrylic medium is added to seal the porous material prior to the application of the final surface treatment.

Thais Eros sculpture LA Opera Tony Reveles

The figure receives a scenic treatment of aged patina and gold leaf. This is the finished Eros sculpture in the gold room Act 2 Scene1.  

Contestants and jury announced for Operalia 2014

Representing 17 nations, 40 young singers have been selected to compete in the 22nd edition of Plácido Domingo's Operalia, the World Opera Competition, hosted by LA Opera this summer. The contest will be held from August 25 through 30, and we are thrilled to see tenor Joshua Guerrero and soprano Amanda Woodbury, members of our Domingo-Colburn-Stein Young Artist Program, on the list! Contestants also include two singers who will join the Young Artist Program in the coming season, tenor Rafael Moras and soprano So Young Park, as well as countertenor John Holiday, who will make his LAO debut this autumn as the Sorceress in Dido and Aeneas.

Congratulations and best of luck to all of the contestants! For a complete list of the competitors and judges, please click here.

Tickets to the competition's final round—a Gala Finals Concert featuring the LA Opera Orchestra conducted by Mr. Domingo at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion at 7:00pm on Saturday, August 30—are currently on sale. Audience members will get to play an active role in the contest by voting for the winner of the Prize of the Public. Click here for tickets and more info!