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New Season Announcement Today at 2PM

brochure cover

At 2:00pm today, you'll finally see what's inside the cover of this new brochure and learn all about our incredible upcoming 2014/15 Season. Excited? 

  1. No, I am not excited, I am saddened. As a long time subscriber to and supporter of LAO I find this all terribly disappointing. The lackluster casting and creative teams for 3 war horses, the choice of two musically inferior recent works and an odd pairing...not to mention the vulgar booklet! Guess it will be a sabbatical year for me, sorry.
  2. Wai HO 2PM jun.K 2PM Jay park 2PM Jang Wooyoung 2PM Ok Taecyeon 2PM Hwang Chansung 2PM Nichkhun Horvejkul 2PM
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