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Blog entries posted during November 2012

Madame Butterfly Scenery Load-in and Assemble

Madame Butterfly is a rental production new to Los Angeles. This production has come to us from San Francisco Opera via multiple 53-foot tractor trailers. 

Stagehands Unloading Madame Butterfly Scenery

On day one, the scenery is unloaded from the trucks by the Carpenter Department, who will later assemble the many pieces.

In addition to the scenic elements that arrive with a rental production, we use a combination of different soft goods from the LA Opera stock. 

carpenter hangs a stock black velour masking leg

In this photo, a carpenter hangs a stock black velour masking leg. The masking serves the purpose of finishing out the edges of the scenery to obscure the backstage architecture and the lighting fixtures. All of the rigging systems onstage can be lowered to the floor for ease of assembling.  

hardwall flats

This image of the Butterfly scenery shows some of the hardwall (wood) flats. The piece in the foreground (show portal 1) weighs 1470 pounds and is suspended on two batten pipes. 

Except for the floor, all of the Madame Butterfly scenery is rigged from a grid overhead and will "fly" in and out of view on cue.