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LA Opera is honored to partner with numerous schools each year to provide an array of performances, programs and services that enrich K-6 education. In-school workshops, assemblies and special demonstration matinee performances both in the community and at our home in the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, introduce children to the wonderful stories and stirring music of opera. For many schools, LA Opera's programs have become essential, as public resources and school budgets for arts and culture have dramatically decreased. Each of LA Opera's Elementary School programs supports California Department of Education educational standards in the arts, social studies and the language arts. LA Opera seeks to share a love and knowledge of opera with our youngest community members, and thereby set them on a life-long engagement with and delight in opera and the arts.

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Elementary in-School Opera:


Students will participate in a professional opera experience with sets, lighting
and a stage crew provided by LA Opera when they perform for the school alongside our professional artists. Through engaging and lively weekly workshops, your students will learn their roles as chorus members in The Marriage of Figueroaa charming opera by Eli and LeRoy Villanueva based on Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro. 

The Marriage of Figueroa takes place in historic Upper-California at the fictional Mission, Aguas Frescas where everyone is preparing for the wedding of Governor Jose Figueroa.  Governor Figueroa enters and proclaims that he will take their beloved Mission and make it his own home and the campesinos are expected to fix it up for him…for free!  The campesinos use Mozart’s opera, The Marriage of Figaro, to show the Governor the error of his selfish ways. The opera within this opera reveals the truth about Figueroa’s greed, and through Mozart’s music the townspeople help him realizes that stealing doesn’t pay, restoring joy and harmony to the town.

Teachers will find opportunities to integrate this opera into curriculum studies of California history, geography and more.

What can students gain?

  • Self discipline and cooperation while working as an ensemble
  • Trust in each other to reach a common goal
  • The ability to follow directions on and off the stage
  • Music fundamentals and basic vocal technique
  • Theater fundamentals and basic staging
  • A working understanding of how to read and follow a libretto
  • The ability to integrate several art disciplines into a well-organized performance
  • The ability to use the vocabulary of opera and theater to describe their experience
  • Focused work in articulation, pronunciation and memorization, while exploring a story connected to the school curriculum

What can teachers gain?

  • An opportunity to support student exposure to and participation in the arts
  • Techniques for incorporating the arts into their classrooms
  • A comprehensive study guide with lesson plans and support materials to integrate this opera into curriculum studies of California history, geography and more

Program Details 
Teacher attendance is required at a preparatory in-service on Thursday, December 11, 2014, at 4:00pm at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.
All teachers participating in the program must attend.

  • Students will meet with LA Opera's teaching artists five times between January 9 and February 6, 2015.
  • All workshops are scheduled for one class period, one day each week between 9:00am and 3:00pm. One performance day to be scheduled between February 9 and February 25, 2015.
  • Enrollment is open to 13 schools within a 30-mile radius of the Music Center.
  • Maximum of 70 students per school from the 4th and/or 5th grade.

Fee: The school participation fee for the Elementary In-School Opera is $999. 
Application: CLICK HERE to request application
Deadline: Applications for this program are accepted throughout the year and participation is dependent on availability.


Voices for Tolerance:




Classroom teachers partner with LA Opera teaching artists to create multi-week choral programs that foster a love of music and are integrated into the curriculum, featuring themes of community building, social justice and cooperative action. Projects culminate in a live performance and have included original operas based on classroom personal heritage projects, choral recitals exploring folk and protest music from around the world and a pageant inspired by the ancient Greek Olympics. Voices for Tolerance schools are invited to attend opera performances at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. The program also provides shorter, intensive residencies to certain rural and underserved schools.

For more information and availability, please CLICK HERE to contact us via email or call 213.972.3157.

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LA Opera is proud to offer fun and interactive recitals geared toward students and families. Each assembly is available for campuses as well as festivals and special events. LA Opera's Community Educators are available for group presentations to further enrich the experience.

Sing Out Loud!
Sing Out Loud! No experience is necessary to get the most out of Sing Out Loud! , a 45-minute program featuring artists from LA Opera performing operatic favorites. Teacher materials are available to further enhance this program. This program is geared for all audiences.


Don't Be Afraid; It's Just Opera!
Don't Be Afraid It's Just Opera! Acclaimed mezzo-soprano Suzanna Guzmán has performed her award-winning, one-woman show Don't Be Afraid; It's Just Opera! for more than 200,000 students. This 45-minute, fun, educational and interactive program demonstrates the universal appeal of opera. With this friendly diva as a guide, the audience discovers just how entertaining and moving opera can be. This program is geared towards elementary and middle school audiences.

Program Details
Dates: All assemblies are available for booking throughout the school year, based on availability.
Equipment: A tuned, acoustic piano in the performance area is required for all assemblies.
  • Sing Out Loud! : $1,250 for one and $1,500 for two same-day, back-to-back assemblies.
  • Don't Be Afraid; It's Just Opera! : $650 for one, and $1,100 for two, same-day, back-to-back assemblies.

Application: Download PDF
Deadline: Bookings are ongoing, based on availability.

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Elementary Student Matinees in Stern Grand Hall

Give your students the complete opera experience by bringing them to 
Figaro’s American Adventure in the Eva and Marc Stern Grand Hall of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, for free! 

Real-life historical figure Pierre Beaumarchais was a French clockmaker, playwright, patriot, spy and creator of the famous character Figaro. In this new Figaro adventure, Mr. Beaumarchais takes on the role of the wily barber and transforms him into a patriot for American independence. As “Figaro” he smuggles arms to help General Washington win the battle of Saratoga, leaving the colonists to look forward to a hopeful, adventurous American future. Familiar melodies from The Barber of Seville are updated with playful lyrics which remind us to “Never Give Up,” when the cause is an important one. 

What can students gain?

  • A playful introduction to opera through an age-appropriate, high quality opera performance
  • An opportunity to practice appropriate behavior, dress and audience etiquette, while visiting one of the most important cultural centers in their city

What can teachers gain?

  • What to expect at the opera house and opera etiquette
  • A short history of opera
  • A synopsis of the opera, artist bios and an opera timeline
  • Opera vocabulary and a description of jobs at the opera house
  • Ideas for integrating opera into the curriculum
  • A classroom visit by one of LA Opera's Community Educators

Program Details

Dates: Figaro’s American Adventure student matinees will take place on Monday, February 2 and Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 10:00am and 11:30am. 
Teachers can apply to bring a maximum of 45 students and five chaperones by submitting one original lesson plan.

Accepted teachers will be required to attend an in-service on Thursday, January 8, 2015 at 4:00pm at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. 

Fee: Free of charge. Transportation is not included. 

Application: Download PDF Form 

Deadline: Monday, January 5, 2015

Support Materials: Educator’s Workbook for use in creating your lesson plan.

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This January and February, LA Opera will introduce students to some of the "big ideas" of opera in our production of Figaro's American Adventure, a charming opera by Eli and LeRoy Villanueva based on Rossini's The Barber of Seville. Transport your student audience to colonial America where, with his band of sneaky barbers and colonial compatriots, Figaro leads us on a delightful musical goose chase. Ultimately, he outsmarts his adversary and love triumphs as he helps his friend the Count win the hand of his beloved Rosina.

Familiar melodies from The Barber of Seville are updated with playful lyrics which remind us to “Never Give Up” when the cause is an important one. Elementary school children will enjoy this exciting tale, and teachers will appreciate the direct link to American history content standards. 

LA Opera provides support materials for students and teachers, and our Community Educators are available to visit classrooms to further enhance this program. Presenting venues are responsible for securing a student audience. Interested presenters must have the appropriate space and equipment.

Fee: Presenting fees vary. Performances are free to students. 

To contact us for more information, please CLICK HERE

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An ideal activity during or after school, an Opera Club enhances any arts curriculum by giving students the opportunity to expand their study and appreciation of opera. Opera Clubs can enjoy visits from one of our Community Educators at club meetings for a variety of fun and educational activities. Opera Club participants are eligible for special benefits, including complimentary dress rehearsal and/or performance tickets when available.


Program Details
The teacher/advisor must develop a plan of activities and act as the coordinator.
Fee: Free of charge.
Application: To contact us for more information, please CLICK HERE.

Let LA Opera's Community Educators introduce your students to the extraordinary world of opera. This team of trained experts will address your students with fun and interactive presentations.

For more information, please CLICK HERE to contact us via email or call 213.972.3157.

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